Wells Tile & Antiques


The History of Wells Tile & Antiques.

Wells Antiques was established in 1992. At the time the intent was to join the intimate community of thrift and antique dealers that had been in Echo Park for over a quarter century. Over time the business evolved into a more updated shop specializing in distressed furniture. Scott Wells, the owner of Wells Antiques, then began taking a specific interest in art pottery and at the same time came across his first California tile table. His interest in tiles increased when he stumbled on a large collection of antique tiles. At that time there was very little information available on antique tiles. So, he sought out the few tile experts around at the time and began what would become an endless quest for knowledge. In doing so Scott became aware of how few dealers there were in the country that actually specialized in this area of the antique business. Without a doubt there was a niche just waiting to be filled. The public awareness and appreciation of these treasures has not only blossomed but has in fact exploded over the past 10 years. In turn Scott has developed a personal love and appreciation for the aesthetic beauty and worth of the tiles themselves. This drove him to continue acquiring more. With knowledge comes success and the business as well as Scott’s personal reputation as an expert in the field has grown tremendously. He is a dedicated conservationist and stays busy educating the public about the worth, beauty, and historical value of antique tiles. Throughout the years he has been an advisor and contributor to many national and local institutions, including California Heritage Museum and The Tile Heritage Foundation. Scott has worked with authors, such as Norman Karlson, sharing his knowledge and general expertise on his favorite subject.

Wells Antiques itself is unique as far as antique stores go due to the degree of specialization that is represented. The general feel is a dusty antique store but as you wander a little further that first impression fades and suddenly you feel as though you’ve stumbled onto a den of antiquities….a virtual museum of art pottery, tiles, garden ware and furniture! Early California tiles are largely represented due to the tile renaissance that occurred in the 1920’s in this part of the world. The architecture and the climate of this area are responsible for the beautiful tile colors and glazes that were developed during that time. Most of the tile motifs and designs from that period were derived from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern origins.

One of the goals of Wells Antiques is to preserve and save vintage tilesfrom destruction on a daily basis in this area due to the lack of understanding the historical worth and beauty of these tiles. Through trial and error we have developed the best techniques for removal and salvage of these wonderful treasures and have been commissioned to remove tiles from numerous historical sites. We are the leading experts of this service, which is now available to the public. We also provide installation design service, tile restoration, appraisals, tile and pottery identification and referrals for tile reproduction. We are the only place to go where you can design your own antique fireplace, fountain, back-splash or scenic installation. We value our customers and strive to provide the best possible service to ensure a pleasurable shopping experience. The store has a museum-like quality with a constant influx of new merchandise that brings customers back time and time again.

Today, Wells Antiques has the largest stock of antique tiles in the country. Our clients include many famous names in the Los Angeles area and we attract people from all over the country. Our hope in creating this website is to reach people who share the same love of antique tile and pottery but are unable to visit our store in Los Angeles.


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