California Faience Tea Tile-Yucca

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California Faience, Berkeley, CA  1915-1950

Here is a beautiful example of California Faience’s tile work.   Vintage tea tile was made using the cuenca technique with raised lines separating the glazes.   The desert scene features a blooming yucca plant against a bright blue sky.   Tea tiles are round with glazed edges and originally made as decorative hot plates.   This design dates back between 1919-1933, according to Kirby Brown, grandson of William V. Bragdon, one of the founders of this creative company.   We have a 2nd tile with same scene, although not as crisp; some surface wear.

5  1/4″ across x 1/2″ thick

Excellent condition; signed

Qty = as shown

$800  white edge

$700 green edge



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