Catalina Island Pottery, Avalon, CA  1927-1939

William Wrigley Jr. purchased Santa Catalina island in 1919 and discovered clay suitable for use in ceramics on the island.  At first the pottery made bricks, pavers and roof tiles but in the late 1920’s they began to produce decorative glazed tile with bright, stylized Moorish designs, tile panels with images of birds, sea creatures and airplanes.   This stunning tile panel depicts a colorful macaw perched on a branch.  The six 6″ tiles are bordered by field tiles and set in a vintage, iron frame.    The panel dimensions without the frame are 23″ tall x 17″ wide.  Ready to hang.  We also have another one set into a wood tile table with the legs removed.  Contact us for photos/info.

29″ tall x 21″ wide x  1  1/4″ thick

Great condition

Qty = 1


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