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Rose and Erni Cabat, Tucson, AZ  1940’s – 2015

Rose Cabat was an American studio ceramist, classified as part of the Mid-Century movement, who was best known for her innovative glazes upon small porcelain pots called ‘feelies’ often in the shape of onions and figs, and bowls. Other notable pieces were called horny toads and push faces.  She was the oldest known actively practicing pottery artist in the US until her death in 2015.   Rose worked at a defense plant and was able to make primitive ceramics from the extra clay that her husband Erni was able to obtain from brickyards. She was able to make some coil figures until Erni was able to convert a washing machine to a potter’s wheel. Eventually, Erni ordered a kick wheel, which Rose used to the end.  We have 4 copies of Rose’s subscription to Ceramics Monthly.


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