Tropico Vintage Hex Tile

On August 10, 2013, in California Tiles, by nancy

Tropico Potteries, Glendale, CA  1920-1923

This thick, hexagon tile makes a striking honeycomb pattern when set in an installation.   And we have a limited quantity of the half pieces, both pointed and flat to add a finished edge.  The deep mauve glaze has a glossy finish.  To make more edge pieces, the hex can be cut two different ways, depending on which configuration is needed.

4″ x 4″  x 1/2″ thick

Great condition; varies per tile; signed

Qty of Hex = 50

Qty of Pointed Half (Photo 4) = 24

Qty of Flat Half ( Photo 5) = 8

$20 each (Hex)

$10 each (Edge)


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