We will pay top dollar for all American Art tiles and American Art pottery, tile tables, Hillside pottery, Monterey furniture, San Jose tile and pottery, and all California related pre WWII items. Please contact us with information and photo if possible about your item. Contact wanted@wellstile.com for information about the types of tiles and antiques we are willing to buy.


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  1. jeremy mckibbin says:

    I just inherited a whole bunch of Catalina dishes, Plates, Bowls, Sugar bowls, Cream saucers, Coffee mugs…etc. I was wondering what you might thing the value of them might be?

  2. nancy says:

    If you could send me pictures I could help you with the value
    send to scott@wellstile.com

  3. nancy says:

    yes sorry so late in replying did you move yet

  4. vernon mcintire says:

    I have a 10″ high blue glaze bust of president herbert hoover by harding black vern mcintire 303-520-7875

  5. nancy says:

    could you send a picture to scott@wellstile.com

  6. abbe says:

    We are looking for a Batchalder Fountain .

    Thank you
    Abbe Sands

  7. nancy says:

    Hello, we have enough Batchelder tiles to design fountains and fireplaces If you could come by that would be the best but otherwise send us your dimensions and we could go from there
    scott wells

  8. Victoria Miller says:

    Hello – My husband has decided to part with some very old book-ends he has enjoyed for some time. They were made by Muresque of Denver, Colorado and each one depicts a charming Windmill. The windmill images look very much like the English cottage tile your company has offered for sale. One bookend has a small chip on the edge. If you are interested .. please reply .. and I will forward photos. Thank you, Victoria Miller.

  9. nancy says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for contacting us. Can you send photos to: scott@wellstile.com

  10. nicensmiley says:

    I have an old Ramos Rejano landscape tile. It looks like it could be a village with a Mission? I don’t see any such other designs from the web made by him anywhere.

    Can I send you a picture?

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