Selection of antique tile panels that were made in the 1700’s, after the earthquake that devastated a large portion of Lisbon, Portugal.   These historic treasures are referred to as Azulejos Pombalinos, named after the Marquis de Pombal who was responsible for the rebuilding of Lisbon.    They all come from Norman Karlson’s vast collection of antique European and American tiles.  He purchased them before a law was passed in Portugal forbidding them to be reclaimed and exported.   Some of these are photos are directly taken from Mr. Karlson’s book.   Some have borders, which are optional.  We are proud to have these for sale in our store and will gladly take more photos etc as these are all safely boxed to protect them. The individual tiles measure approximately

5 3/4″ and the number of tiles vary per panel.   They have some chips and wear appropriate to their antiquity.  Contact us for more information/pricing.  Also, borders are interchangeable.

Last photo shows customer installation of one of our panels.