Medmenham Pottery, Marlow Common, Buckinghamshire, England   1898-1906

This circa 1900 raised-line tile is a rare and beautiful example from the Medmenham Pottery.  Founded by Conrad Dressler, the acclaimed sculptor, potter and influential proponent of the Arts & Crafts movement, this small art pottery employed local labor to produce superlative, hand-crafted tiles that were highly prized by fashionable architects and designers.  The design of a seed pod or thistle is a great example of the merging of the formal composition and symmetry of late Victorian-era design with the more refined glaze palette and Moorish-influence of the Arts & Crafts period.  The creamy gray background has a wonderful crackle.  Also shown are some of our other Medmenham tiles as well as a bathroom installation.

5″ square x 3/8″ thick

Very good condition; signed

Qty = 175 $50 each