Malibu Tile Pool Install

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Our vintage Malibu pillow tiles were used in combination with contemporary tiles to decorate the top edge of this Calabassas swimming pool.     The variegated glazes on the pillow tiles create a dazzling look, especially placed on the diagonal.   We have a large number of genuine Malibu pillow tiles in many many colors! […]

Bookends Female/Male Gladding McBean

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Gladding McBean, Los Angeles, CA  1890-present Vintage bookends combine beauty and artistry that would enhance any setting.    Nude figures, male and female are sitting on and leaning against books.  The glazing is particularly eye catching in mottled shades of turquoise and green with a bit of crystallization.    There is a top corner chip […]

Fountain Frog by Italian Terra Cotta Co.

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Italian Terra Cotta Company, Los Angeles, CA   circa 1920-1970 Very desirable matte green glaze covers this large vintage fountain frog.   This is an early piece and has great detailing.  Openings were made for water to be pumped thru the mouth, and ITC’s marked is incised into the base.   This is very heavy […]

Vintage Chinese Vents

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Ceramic ventilator or grill tiles were originally designed for the exchange of air or heat, but can be used as wall decorations.  We currently have 3 sizes; 1 in matte dark green and the others in glossy green.  The floral motif is on both sides and there are factory-made holes, which can be used to […]

Ceramic Bears by Mosaic Tile Company MTC

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Mosaic Tile Company, Zanesville, OH  1894-1972 Vintage ceramic bears, one glazed, one bisque.    Nice detailing and signed. 10″ x 6″ x 4″ Great condition; signed Qty = 1 each $275 = Black $200 = White

Thatched Cottage Tile-Muresque

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Muresque Tiles, Oakland, CA  1925-1934 Charming vintage tile is very 3 dimensional, which is hard to capture in a photo.   The tile has an idyllic country setting with purple mountains in the the background.   Nicely detailed art tile can be set in a fireplace surround or framed, etc. 8″ tall x 3  3/4″ […]

House-Number Sign with Batchelder Tiles

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Here are 2 awesome, hand-made house number signs using some of our vintage Batchelder tiles mixed with a contemporary house-number tile.  A clever use of  tiles, bricks, stone and topped with an aged architectural element.

Franklin Vintage Taurus Bull Astrological Tile

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Franklin Tile Company, Lansdale, PA  1923-1935 This company started producing tiles in 1926 and unlike so many other tile companies in the US, they remained stable during the depression. Eight-sided vintage tile depicts Taurus the Bull.   Nicely detailed border and 4 glossy glaze colors.    Aries Ram is listed separately. 9  1/2″ wide x 3/4″ […]

More Batchelder Mini Tiles

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Batchelder, Los Angeles, CA  191909-1932 Tiny insert tiles come in a variety of colors and finishes, some with satiny glaze, some matte.    These were made to enhance installations by mixing with the larger tiles. Thickness ranges from 1/2″ to 3/4″; size= 1  3/4″  x  1  3/4″ Condition varies Qty = as shown $35-40 each

CALCO Adam & Eve Bookends

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California Clay Products (CALCO), So. Gate, CA  1923-1932 Selling vintage ceramic bookends depicting Adam & Eve.   Mottled glazing has a glossy finish and images are very three dimensional. 7″ wide x 6 1/2″ tall x 3″ thick (each piece) Excellent condition Qty = 1 set $425 set