Medmenham Pottery, Marlow Common, Buckinghamshire, England  1898-1906

This circa 1900 raised line 7-tile panel is an outstanding and rare example from the Medmenham Pottery.   Would look great as part of a fireplace surround.  Founded by Conrad Dressler, the acclaimed sculptor, potter and influential proponent of the Arts & Crafts movement, this small art pottery employed local labor to produce superlative, hand-crafted tiles that were highly prized by fashionable architects and designers eager to decorate their commissions in the latest aesthetic style of the period.  The design influences of this amazing, polychrome panel straddle the amorphous boundaries between Secessionist, Nouveau and Aesthetic Movement motifs.  The complex interplay of patterns, the exaggerated verticality, the sinuous curves and the bright, jewel-like glazes combine to create a work of ceramic art that remains bold, fresh and vibrant.   Showing a bathroom installation using this panel.

Excellent condition; signed, never set

Qty = 2 panels $950 each