Fiesta!!!  The name itself tells the upbeat story of the rainbow hued dinnerware that became the Homer Laughlin China Company’s (and America’s!) most popular and collectible dinnerware line.  Created in 1936 by the legendary ceramist Frederick Hurten Rhead, Fiesta Ware’s combination of bold, solid colors and wide variety of mix-and-match items in eye-catching Art Deco shapes catapulted the line to instant ceramic stardom. The early palette of red, cobalt, light green, yellow, ivory, and turquoise are highly sought after by collectors and lovers of vintage domestic pottery. Why are we so excited about our collection of vintage Fiesta? Because most of it was acquired from the late, legendary collector and dealer Buddy Wilson. Buddy’s antique store on the famed Melrose Avenue  in LA was for years THE destination for vintage pottery collectors from all over the country. Everyone knew that not only was Buddy an expert, but he was fanatical about condition. Every object in Buddy’s store was pristine, period – no restorations, no repairs, no compromises.  That’s how Buddy cultivated a clientele that included the most demanding celebrities and their interior designers. And that’s how we can assure our buyers that every piece in this world-class collection is mint. If you’re new to the dazzling world of Fiesta ware, you might be wondering why buy Vintage Fiesta versus the Contemporary Fiesta being sold today? Collectability, scarcity, sustainability, the soft, glowing glazes in the vibrant, clear colors that could only be produced from the original formulas, not to mention the subtle patina that comes with decades of loving use. We are very negotiable with prices and willing to work with you. This is a once in a lifetime chance for us to share this amazing selection with longtime and new Fiesta fans! Looking for a particular piece?  Contact us-we may have it.    We will be happy to take individual photos on any piece(s) you are interested in, so just ask.