California Faience, Berkeley, CA  1915-1950

A limited amount of signed vases were made for family shrines.  Hidemaro Shibuya, a 6 year old boy who had a tragic death.   This is one of the vases, specially engraved and ordered by the father of Hidemaro Shibuya, who had a tragic death in 1932.

Satiny turquoise glazing covers the classic oriental form with its tall neck.  Kirby Brown references these special vases in his book, “California Faience, Ceramics for Cottages and Castles.”   Page 41 – see photo below.

9 1/2″ tall x 5 1/2″ at its widest

Very good condition; has tiny ‘chigger bites’ (chips that only removes the glaze but does not go into the clay)

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