Batchelder, Los Angeles, CA  1909-1932

Ernest Allen Batchelder built a home and studio in Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco in 1909 after establishing his reputation at Throop Polytechnic Institute (now Caltech) in the field of Arts & Crafts.  He and a few students specialized in making tile with the understated look appropriate for Craftsman architecture.  His designs ranged from Viking ships, medieval castles, musicians, birds, vines, country scenes and Mayan motifs.  The tiles were hand molded on which a colored slip or engobe was applied that produced a matte, dusty-looking surface.  There are many historical installations in the Los Angeles area and around the country; and Batchelder tiles have brought beauty to so many American homes and institutions. We have a very large collection of original Batchelder decorative tiles, field tiles, fireplace surround pieces, odds and ends.   Too many to list.  If looking for something specific, contact us and we’ll try to help.