Claycraft Potteries, Los Angeles, CA   1921-1939

The body of work at Claycraft can be largely credited to the skill of the two Robertsons, Fred and George, father and son, whose family had been successfully involved in ceramics for many generations. Claycraft’s decorative tiles, among the more collectable on the market today, provide some of the most idyllic California imagery of the period, helping to idealize the West as a paradise of natural wonder. Many series of tiles explored natural landscapes, including Yosemite National Park, the seashore, desert vistas, Spanish-style ranchos and abundant flora and fauna.  The company advertised widely in consumer publications including California Home Owner, Architectural Digest and California Arts and Architecture. In addition to the factory showroom in Los Angeles, Claycraft opened a display room in Portland, Oregon in 1928. While the scale of production remained modest over the years, the Claycraft tiles can be found throughout the country.